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Elevating Textiles with a Symphony of Sustainability Certifications

In the dynamic world of textiles, Omniteksas emerges as an example of innovation and responsibility, proudly adorned with an impressive array of sustainability certifications. A brand dedicated to knitting quality, value and innovation into every fiber, Omniteksas researches the possibilities of where the European textile industry could go next.

Certifications That Define Hard Work and Strong Values

Choosing European-Made for a Sustainable Future

Europe-made products from Omniteksas stand tall in terms of quality, setting a standard that goes beyond industry norms. In the intricate dance between fashion and responsibility, Omniteksas leads with values. Our certifications signify not just product quality but a promise—a promise to uphold fair labor practices, champion sustainability, and drive innovation.

The Sustainability Strategy launched

Year 2023 has been a year of significant development in sustainability matters at Omniteksas. We took our time and resources and prepared a strategy, making previously isolated actions into a signed and sealed company policy. Now all the departments ought to follow it to the fullest.

We are focusing on FIVE main points: CO2, BIOBASED, REUSABLE, REDUCTION AND CRS.

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Knowing where to focus next

Taking sustainability further means gathering and providing as much information as possible for our clients about the products we produce. This data management stage includes auditing how much information is truly necessary for the end customer and how to make it easily accessible and understandable. We are following the EU initiatives and preparing to use QR codes on all our garments, just keeping in mind that digital space should also be thought about.

Ever evolving on a multitude of levels, the sustainability strategy is going to be one of the beacons for us to drive our manufacturing business forward. We will keep this updated with new and exciting projects.

Our latest initiatives

This means that we can offer our partners a Full Production Cycle under one roof, thereby reducing all the unnecessary hassle regarding the logistics of various tightly interconnected processes for our partners and saving your time and money.

  • Tree Planting Campaign
    Tree Planting Campaign

    Today we had an opportunity to contribute to the tree planting campaign in Lithuania. It was the largest afforestation campaign held in Lithuania so far. Together with the Omniteksas team, we planted 2600 trees!

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  • 17 Awards at ISPO Textrends
    17 Awards at ISPO Textrends

    What a great feeling when more and more of our products are being recognized internationally – we’ve earned 17 awards at ISPO Textrends this year! This means that SEVENTEEN of our fabrics have won either SELECTION…

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  • Omniteksas New Initiative: Taking Care of Bees
    Omniteksas New Initiative: Taking Care of Bees

    Since the establishment of the company, we were always looking for ways to leave as little trace in nature as possible. We are on the constant lookout for earth-friendly initiatives. In the last three years, we…

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  • Wearing Wool For Sports
    Wearing Wool For Sports

    Synthetic fibers such as polyester have been the most common choice for sport and outdoor wear for many years now. However, wool has started to give it a competition, and not without reason. Now you can…

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  • King of Naturals – Linen
    King of Naturals – Linen

    Linen is a natural fiber made from the fibers of the flax plant.It has been used for centuries — since approximately 10,000 years ago — to make everything from canvases and wallpaper to clothing and bedding.…

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Digital Product Pass

Empowering transparent choices

The revolution in production is now and at the forefront of it stands Digital Product Passports. It is a long overdue innovation that enables fair manufacturers to easily prove and trace the quality of their supply chain. The goal is a more sustainable and transparent future and Omniteksas is here for a more connected interaction with your textiles. As a brand committed to ethical practices and environmental responsibility, we believe in empowering consumers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices.

New Demand: Digital Product Passports

At Omniteksas, we understand the significance of knowing the journey your textiles take from creation to the hands of a customer. Ask for a Digital Product Passport and it will serve as a dynamic, digitized record, offering a wealth of information about each product. There are a lot of stories to tell behind each garment.

What to Expect from Omniteksas Digital Product Passports:

  • Educational Insights: Dive deep into the composition, raw materials, and manufacturing processes of your chosen product. Understand its environmental impact and make choices that align with your values.
  • Supply Chain Transparency: Trace the path of our textiles from their origins to customers doorstep. We embrace transparency, ensuring a clear understanding of every step in the supply chain.
  • Consumer Empowerment: We believe that informed consumers drive positive change. By providing easy access to detailed information, our Digital Product Passports empower people to make choices that resonate with their sustainability goals.

Why Digital Product Passports Matter:

  • Our passports exemplify our dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting ethical practices. Whether it’s environmental consciousness, fair labor, or ethical sourcing, our Digital Product Passports give people the power to choose consciously.
  • Omniteksas Assurance: Backed by the trusted Omniteksas name, our Digital Product Passports ensure the authenticity and reliability of the information received.

Trailblazing new and exciting means of manufacturing

Omniteksas invites you to embark on a journey of discovery. Explore the stories behind our textiles, embrace sustainability, and make choices that matter. Commission a Digital Product Passport and your tools will extend beyond fashion—they will shape a more transparent experience of shopping.

Digital product passport