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Empowering Plant-Based Fabrics in Fashion

From Seaweed to Style

Bio fabrics or bio-based fabrics are made from biological materials, such as seaweed, corn and sugar cane. Their other name is plant-based fabrics.

The Success Story of Seaweed Viscose Fabrics

The emergence of the need for this type of material in the clothing industry stems from inability to lessen the waste of clothing made of synthetic yarns. Synthetic yarns have an extremely long-life cycle. However, they do not degrade easily over time. If fabrics made from natural materials decompose over a longer time, synthetic yarns is a real problem that we all have to tackle.

Exploring the Potential of Plant-Based Textiles

Hence, the search for biological components that would be able to give us all polyester qualities, but would also be easier, more sustainable to produce and to take care of after the life of the ready-to-wear clothing is over.

Revolutionizing Collections with Bio-Based Fabrics

We have been working in developing several plant-based fabrics. A very successful story of ours is a soft as silk double sided viscose like fabric made from seaweed. Of course, we had to mix in some… to provide the fabric with… properties, but we are happy with the result, because it is a huge step forward in this new kind of fabric production.

Should you wish to find out more about the possibilities to include plant-based jersey fabrics into your collections, do not hesitate contacting our team. We will come back to you with at least several offers.

SeaCell based fabric

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