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Understanding Organic and Sustainable Fabrics

There are a lot of discussions about what can be called sustainable and what can be called organic fabrics. For the sake of clarity, we will say that we use these terms as synonyms. An organic material will always be sustainable, because it was produced in an organic way, i. e. without much interference and help from the human hand.

The Journey Towards Sustainable Polyester Fabrics

We are taking this quest seriously and are currently developing fabrics made from polyester produced from a natural resource. The development of a new kind of fabric is always challenging and the production might take some time, but we are expecting some great new types of textile products in the nearest future.

Greener Future for Fabric Production

Sustainable fabrics is what everybody is looking for at the moment. The biggest challenge for a lot of brands at this point in time is to find the right replacement of polyester for clothing that, although extremely versatile, is produced in a less sustainable way.

Omniteksas’ Shift to Organic Textiles

Being manufacturers of jersey fabrics for many years, we are familiar with the production process of synthetic fabrics. This knowledge and expertise allow us now to be among the most innovative companies supplying clients with organic jersey fabrics. The knowledge does not go anywhere, it is simply directed towards a greener future.

Green Threads of Expertise: Navigating the Sustainable Fabric Landscape

A lot of people ask ‘What fabrics are sustainable?’ We say that the most sustainable are fabrics made from naturally grown resources that turn into fabrics of good quality making the ready-to-wear garments long lasting and timeless.

Our production unit can be responsible for the quality of the ready-to wear clothing made from natural and organic resources. All you need is a timeless design for a truly sustainable option. Let’s talk!

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

Experience the advantages of vertical integration with Omniteksas, where we seamlessly convert yarn into ready-to-wear garments. Our one-stop production facility enables us to offer partners a full production cycle, ensuring a quick and change-responsive process.


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