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Wool Wonders: the Timeless Appeal of Sustainable Fabrics

The Natural Elegance of Wool Under the RWS Umbrella

Fabrics made of wool are among the most popular ones due to their natural and organic, hence truly sustainable nature, and especially when talking about wool produced under the umbrella of Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) audits.

The Resurgence of Wool in Modern Wardrobes

Wool jersey fabric has become extremely popular in the recent years due to the ‘Back to nature’ movement during the worldwide pandemics. If soft wool undergarments or base layers have been mostly used by those who engaged in intense sports activities, in the recent years these garments became a must for almost everybody.

Crafting Comfort and Thermal Regulation in Knitwear

A fine wool knit material like no other fabric can provide us with the necessary heat when the weather is cold outside or when are trying to save on the heating inside. Moreover, fabrics of wool possess a quality of thermal regulation, meaning it evaporates the sweat and keeps our body dry.

It is also worth mentioning that there are various types of wool: the light ones possess different properties than the thicker ones. The properties of the fabric also depend upon the knitting structures and patterns used. 

95 Years of Excellence in Wool Fabric Manufacturing

We are on of the best manufacturers of knitted wool fabrics suitable for underwear, because we have been knitting it for 95 years. Since we know everything about the fabrics we knit, it is easy for us to communicate with the designer of the brand about the possible solutions while developing a ready-to-wear garment as well. Our expertise in the fabrics themselves is what makes us different from other manufacturers who solely sew the garments.   

Should you wish to find out more about our wholesale collection or talk about the specific solutions that you require, do not hesitate contacting our team or arranging an online meeting.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

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