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Crafting Versatile Fabrics for Every Occasion

Polyester fabrics (also known as PES fabrics) are synthetic fibers that are versatile and easy to sew. Our polyester fabrics are made from high-quality, durable material, and are available in many different colour and pattern options as well as different fabric weights. The selection available at Omniteksas will inspire the designer in you to create beautiful clothes, athleisure apparel, uniforms, and more.

Practical Elegance for Apparel Design

Polyester fabric clothes are easy to wash and wear, making it a practical choice for garment making, whether you are choosing knit or woven fabric. It keeps its shape, resists shrinking, and doesn’t wrinkle as easily as most natural fibers. Check out our recycled polyester collection for those looking for an eco-friendly option.

Possibilities of woven polyester

Polyester woven fabrics are suitable for tops, blouses, shirts, skirts, and dresses. Some woven polyester fabrics have a bit of give on the bias, but not always. This is a good feature to check when selecting fabric for garment sewing.

Unleashing Comfort and Style in Polyester Knits

Polyester knit fabrics allow for more stretch and ease of movement when needed. We specialize in fabrics for athleisure clothing. Our athleisure fabrics allow for ease of movement and comfort while still being able to be used for clothing outside the gym, for example leggings and t-shirts.

Explore Our Recycled Polyester Collection

Our polyester is often blended with other materials (for example, cotton) to allow more versatility and options. Check out our recycled polyester fabrics as well.

Imagining blends and structures

We offer a variety of different polyester knit structures which are suitable for different garments and functions. The selection of polyester blends available combined with knit structure options allows you to find the right fibre composition and knit structure for your needs.

Dominating the base layer craft

Our knit polyester is suitable for creating base layers such as thermal underwear. We also wholesale thermal underwear. Please contact us for more information.

Consider polyester: knitted, woven, blended or recycled

Looking for suiting fabric for your next tailoring project? PES fabrics in medium to heavy weights are great choices for making blazers, trousers, jackets and waistcoats. Choose from a variety of suiting colours, textures, and patterns for your design.

Are you looking for performance fabrics such as waterproof materials? Or perhaps you have specific workwear needs? Our polyester section has these too. We are able to produce base layers (for example, thermal undergarments or long sleeved or short sleeved underwear) and the mid layer (thicker or thinner jackets, polyester fabrics clothes). In addition to our extensive range of performance fabrics, waterproof materials, and polyester options, we specialize in crafting high-quality police clothing to meet the specific needs of law enforcement professionals. Whether you require specialized features for tactical operations or enhanced comfort for extended wear, our team is ready to collaborate with you. Please reach out to us to discuss your tactical uniform needs.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

Experience the advantages of vertical integration with Omniteksas, where we seamlessly convert yarn into ready-to-wear garments. Our one-stop production facility enables us to offer partners a full production cycle, ensuring a quick and change-responsive process.


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