Fair trade possible: the slow fashion state of mind

Fashion clothing

Fashion with a Conscience: Crafting Quality Beyond Fast Fashion

Fashion garments is something that has been on our radar for a very long time. Although it is not the category of our primary focus, we do have experience and qualification necessary to be the manufacturer of readymade garments.

Ethical Elegance: Prioritizing People and Planet in Fashion Manufacturing

However, we have never been the manufacturer of the ‘fast fashion’ items. Firstly, it is because we cannot offer the same conditions as our colleagues from the far East in the same industry. We are glad we cannot offer the same conditions, because people we work with get proper payment for their work, they get proper social care, proper holidays we do not have child labor and our premises are safe. We pay taxes in our country which contributes to the better being of the whole EU. Everything is transparent and accounted for. This is guaranteed not only by our national laws, but by all EU regulation as well.

Setting a Higher Standard in Readymade Garments

Moreover, we constantly strive to set ourselves a higher threshold regarding quality, transparency, traceability, and sustainability. Thereby, we are continually voluntarily audited by different international organizations which, if you did not know, is not cheap as well.

Sustainable Fashion with a Timeless Touch

So it is not really possible to produce an extremely cheap garment while keeping people making that garment safe and happy and trying to at least some good for our mother nature. You can’t have it all in this regard, hence you choose. If business is business or if there are more important things that maybe will make us more happy and healthy in the long run.

Navigating the Path Beyond Fast Fashion Practices

So, having a mindset of respect, expertise, and consciousness, we cannot work in the same way as suppliers of ‘fast fashion’ items. We naturally opt for a more sustainable option – garments that retain their quality and remain relevant for a longer period of time. A timeless, classic design.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

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