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Silky, airy, a preferred option for dress crafting

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Crafting Beautiful and Breathable Slow Fashion

Viscose fabrics are man-made from natural cellulose (plant) materials. This breathable material has a soft drape and creates beautiful clothing. It is a lightweight, quality fabric, making it an excellent choice for tops, blouses, skirts, dresses, and more.

The Soft Touch of Viscose Fabrics in Dressmaking

A popular choice for dressmaking, viscose fabrics offer a premium quality product at an affordable price. It is slinky and soft to the touch and is often marketed as an alternative to using silk, which can be very expensive. While strong when dry, care needs to be taken when washing viscose as the fibers are weaker when wet.

Blending Viscose with Cotton, Wool, and Linen

Viscose jersey fabric has the additional benefit of stretch for clothes that require more ease of movement. At Omniteksas, we manufacture viscose fabric and can blend it with other fibers such as cotton, wool or linen. It can be made as jersey fabric for wholesale or for garment manufacturing.

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