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What is White label service?

A white label service is when garments are created and manufactured by a company to be sold and relabelled by another brand. At Omniteksas, we develop fabric and garment sample, manufacture, and wholesale garments. Your brand can then have its label sewn into the clothing, which we can do at our factory. Once your brand label is in the clothing, it can be sold by you as your own brands’ product.

Choosing white labelled clothing for your business helps you take care of other aspects of your brand (what you do best!) while leaving the textile and clothing knowledge to the experts (what we do best!)

White label products at Omniteksas

Our manufacturing specialty is clothing made from jersey fabrics. Jersey fabrics are knit, meaning they have stretch and are soft. Some examples of fibers we use at Omniteksas are cotton, linen, hemp, wool, polyester, biodegradable polyamide, viscose and more. We create jersey fabrics for our clothing collection which can then be used as white label clothing.

Circular economy

We have been responding to customer demand for eco-friendly options such as recycled polyester and organic natural fibers. We have these and other eco-conscious solutions available. Our fabrics are created to a high quality and designed to last. This way you can feel confident that our white label products will be something you are proud to sell as your own brand – you won’t be selling to your valued customers a poor-quality item that falls apart quickly.

Some examples of other white label clothing we can manufacture are t-shirts, base layers for activewear, sports apparel, sweatshirts and leggings, dresses, blouses, menstrual panties, uniforms. These can also be further embellished with your brands’ logo or other design through screen-printing or embroidery. We are best-known for our thermal undergarments available in fabrics of different weights and suitable for different activities and needs.

In addition to our soft knit fabrics, we also carry performance fabrics for workwear such as waterproof, high-visibility and flame-retardant fabrics. Contact us if you require safety specifications or special finishes on your garments.

Menstrual panties

Our white label products and your business

While some white label services have a catalog of products for you to choose from, we have more flexibility for you to bring your vision to life for clothing design. As a white label manufacturer, we can create clothing to your specifications and design in our facilities for you to then sell as your own product. This gives you more creative control over what types of products you can offer after white labeling.

Our fabrics and clothing manufacturing facilities are located in Lithuania. When you choose Omniteksas, you are benefiting from the knowledge we have gained from producing jersey fabrics since 1928 combined with the latest technological innovations in textiles manufacturing. We are continuously developing new fabric blends, designing garments to be able to offer your brand the most quality and stylish apparel.

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