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Optimizing comfort and functionality: crafting policeuniforms for both wearers’ well-being and operational excellence

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Guardians of Precision: Police Garments

Being a company that produces police garments is an honor for us, because it confirms our level expertise.

Unveiling the Layers of Tactical Garment Mastery

Everybody knows that policemen or people working in law enforcement and defense structures wear specific uniforms as a protective garment. However, not everybody knows that it is not only the outer layer that matters when it comes to tactical activities.

Strategic Layers: Creating Police Uniforms with Expertise

Police and military clothing usually consist of three layers:

  • The base layer (long sleeve underwear/ short sleeve underwear);
  • The mid-layer (thicker or thinner jackets);
  • The outer layer.

We have the knowledge and experience in making the first two: the base layer and the mid-layer.

Merging Comfort and Function: The Art of Crafting Police Mid-Layers

While the base layers used by police personnel can be like the ones describes in Tactical clothing, developing the mid-layer used by police forces requires exhaustive skills. Using only jersey fabrics here might not be enough. It is wonderful when you can merge the two fabrics – the knitted with the woven and get the required result: the comfort of the people wearing the police uniforms and the function necessary to perform these specific duties.

Knots of Expertise: Mastering the Complexity of Police Uniform Construction

The biggest difficulty in making police uniforms lays in the complexity of the so called ‘knots’ that are used to give the garment the necessary function. We can proudly say we’ve mastered these throughout our tries and errors and can now supply you with the truly exceptional police wear garments.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

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