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Exploring Yarns from Earth’s Bounty

‘What are natural fabrics?’ you might ask. Natural fabric in our case is a knitted fabric for clothes composed of yarns derived from natural resources as opposed to manmade or synthetic yarns.

The Comfort and Purpose of Natural Fabric Knits

We believe that this category could comprise fabrics produces from such naturally occurring materials like wool, cotton, linen, hemp, silk and seaweed, among others.

The Importance of Natural Materials in Clothing

Having a selection of fabrics made from natural yarns is important, because they – like no other – are suitable for people suffering from allergies, thermal regulation dysfunctions resulting in excess sweating and so on. Moreover, natural fabrics or a fabric knitted partly with natural yarn can provide our bodies with the ease and breeze that only these materials can provide.

Every fabric is good if it is created with a specific purpose and is going to be used sustainably. However, there are a lot people who simply cannot wear certain types of synthetic fabric. That is when natural fabrics can help.

Emphasizing Transparency in Natural Fabric Production

It is important to note that natural fabrics also mean more use of natural resources. Therefore, we will keep emphasizing how important it is to know the source where your wool or your hemp comes from.

We believe that such international organizations like Responsible Wool Standard make the whole ‘harvesting’ process a little bit more transparent for all of us.

Local Roots, Global Impact: The Journey from Fields to Wearable Art

What makes it even more traceable and transparent is being able to see, for example, the fields of hemp that later turn into ready-to-wear garments with your own eyes. Yes, the hemp we use is grown here in Lithuania, just a 100 km away from our production house.

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Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

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