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Expertise in Thermal Underwear: A Legacy of Excellence

Thermal underwear clothing is what we do best. We can proudly say this, because we have plenty of references. World known brands use our services and we get constant feedback regarding quality of our thermal undergarments.

The Power of Thermal Fabrics

Thermal clothing is a specific kind due to its specific fabric. A thermal fabric is special due to it’s function – it has thermal regulation that helps keep our bodies warm yet dry at the same time.

Choosing the Right Base Layer: A Guide to Optimal Comfort

If the base layer garments are chosen correctly, one should not get wet when wearing thermal garments. For this to happen, one should know that there are different jersey fabrics for different levels of activities. If one engages in an intense activity during summer time, fabrics made from polyester should be used due to their ability to evaporate sweat fast. If we are thinking about light sports during winter time, then a thicker underwear garment made from wool/ wool mix should be used, because it will keep us warm enough yet also dry enough. However, if we want to enjoy intense winter activities that make us sweat a lot, a very thin wool layer would best suit us, especially if the outside temperatures are lower (think about long lasting ski lifts after an intense descent). So, it all depends on our needs and the conditions that surround us.

Your Source for Quality Thermal Underwear

Wholesale of thermal underwear is our main activity now, so let us know about your needs and we will find the right solution for your clients.

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