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Hemp Harmony and Sustainability in Fabric Choices

Hemp fabrics are also made from natural components. However, they ca also be mixed with a variety of yarns if the need for a specific function exists.

The Organic Advantages of Hemp Fabrics

Hemp is considered a more organic option than cotton, because growing hemp requires little to no chemicals. Moreover, the plant can grow with way less water than cotton and even nourishes the earth when it is dried in the fields. Sounds like a dream, right?

The Antibacterial Marvel of Hemp in Jersey Fabrics

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, hemp fabrics used for clothing are also known for their specific properties. Firstly, these fabrics are also antibacterial and antimicrobial like those made from wool. Secondly, hemp jersey fabric distinguishes itself with the benefits of thermal insulation. This means that although hemp fabric is breathable, it stores the heat the body produces against the skin, thereby contributing to a warmer feeling. Thereby, fabrics made from hemp or in a blend with hemp can easily be compared to the qualities of fabrics made from wool.

Embracing Hemp for Long-lasting Style

Hemp yarn of good quality will always be extremely durable making hemp fabric a truly sustainable option regarding its lifelong span.

We have been working with this yarn for a while now and can offer different mixtures according to your needs. Just let us know what you want to make and will offer you the best solution possible.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

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