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Rooted in Tradition: European Linen Fabrics for Sustainable Fashion

Reducing Carbon Footprint with European Linen

The industry of producing linen fabrics has deep roots in Lithuania and in Europe itself. Do you know that linen fabrics and subsequently clothes produced in the far East are made from linen grown in Europe? Have you ever thought about the cost of logistics it takes to have linen grown in Europe be transported to the far East for the fabrics to get knitted and then garments to be sewn and sent back to Europe? Talk about the carbon footprint, right?

Crafting Quality Fabrics with European Flair

We can proudly say that our European location makes us one of the more sustainable manufacturers of this fabric in this regard, because we only use yarns of linen grown in Europe.

The Diversity of Textures in Jersey Fabrics

Linen fabrics are exceptional, because they are made from natural and organic resources. If woven fabrics usually consists of 100% linen material, we can make different linen mixes while developing linen jersey fabric. Think about mixing linen with other function providing yarns and the possibilities a designer gets from this variety of textures and fall.

A knitted linen jersey of good quality is not easy to find, therefore we strongly encourage you to order your sample and see if we can arrange an online meeting to talk about us becoming your new supplier of fabrics and/or ready-to wear garments.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

Experience the advantages of vertical integration with Omniteksas, where we seamlessly convert yarn into ready-to-wear garments. Our one-stop production facility enables us to offer partners a full production cycle, ensuring a quick and change-responsive process.


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