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Beyond defense: sustainable jerseys engineered for eco-conscious military

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Crafting Tactical Clothing for Military Precision

For many years now we have been working with various military structures by providing them with the necessary tactical clothing.

Specialized Military Apparel with Jersey Technology

Since we are specializing in the latest jersey technologies that would also meet the requirements of sustainability, the main products we have been making for years were made from jersey fabrics created and developed by us.

Our Role in European Defense Clothing

We are proud to say that our base layers, underwear developed by us were chosen to become the defense clothing used in several European countries.

Meeting Stringent Standards for Special Forces Attire

It is not easy to create special forces clothing. The requirements are very strict and demand a lot of knowledge and expertise.

Engineered Garments for Specialized Military Functions

It is important that the military garments protect the body of those who work in law enforcement, that they are lightweight, dry easily, require minimal time and effort to refresh. It is important that they are durable, do not tear up easily, do not stretch too much and do not shrink too much, that they are comfortable, adapt to the various movements, has both warming and cooling properties. And sometimes these are only the minimal requirements. Sometimes it is necessary for us to basically engineered garments, provide them with an extremely specific function.

Let’s craft exceptional clothing experiences!

Experience the advantages of vertical integration with Omniteksas, where we seamlessly convert yarn into ready-to-wear garments. Our one-stop production facility enables us to offer partners a full production cycle, ensuring a quick and change-responsive process.


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