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Since the establishment of the company, we were always looking for ways to leave as little trace in nature as possible. We are on the constant lookout for earth-friendly initiatives. In the last three years, we managed to reduce water consumption in our manufacturing processes by 60%. Last year we got certified as a company using only green energy. And this year, we decided to become foster parents of some bee colonies.

In Lithuania, the bee population decreases by 10% every year. It is hard to believe, but in the world, those numbers are even 3-4 times higher. With the rapid expansion of cities, urbanization, and the widespread use of pesticides, bees are disappearing at alarming rates.

From now on, together with and THERMOWAVE, we will take care of 6 bee families, which are likely to grow by the end of the year. We believe that through activities such as beekeeping, we can help preserve nature and be proactive rather than reactive.