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We decided it is time for a change and started moving our knitting unit to new premises. For now, we have moved 30 different types of circular knitting machines. Our efforts are designed to help brands, designers and manufacturers develop more innovative and sustainable jersey that would consequently make their clients feel more comfortable in their clothing and hence happier.

We currently have 30 and 26-inch diameter machines of 18, 20, 24, and 28 class. We can make:

  •     Single jersey
  •     Pique
  •     Interlock
  •     Ribbed knit
  •     Jacquard
  •     Fleece
  •     Collars/ cuffs

In our production, we use yarns made from merino wool, cotton/ organic cotton, hemp, various viscose (ECOVERO) or polyester fibers (Seaqual, Brrr among others) and polyester and polypropylene multifilament textured yarns. After knitting our jersey is transported to our dyeing and refining sites to acquire its proper function and final look due to our other complex technological processes.