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A new season has come and we are introducing a new fabric: hemp and tencel blend. Construction of eco-responsible yarns as hemp and tencel has great potential in developing a sustainable product with the opportunity to respond to the environmental challenges that we are facing.

  • Hemp has a growing popularity and usefulness for green development as a sustainable fiber. It restores nutrients to the soil and reduces erosion. 
  • Hemp is dark tan and strong fiber, which offers the best ratio of heat capacity of all fibers, is a breathable and biodegradable natural fiber.
  • Tencel is a biodegradable fiber that thrives without any agricultural chemicals, because the eucalyptus trees from which it is made are sustainably farmed without pesticides or fertilizers. This fiber has a soft touchgood permeability of air and moisture drapes beautifully without forming wrinkles.
  • Both fibers in a blend ensure antimicrobial properties and longer stay of freshness.