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Twice a year, ISPO recognizes innovative fabrics and components that are used to manufacture sports apparel. ISPO Textrends is a melting pot for innovations and a guide for industry, designers, product managers, and international B2B publications. In its structure and concept, it is very similar to award contests. An international jury of experts reviews innovative products. The best entries are then chosen – and we are among them! In this post, we are going to tell you about two of our fabrics. Stay tuned for more!

Coolmax® Air and Brrr

The combination of two superior types of multifilament Polyester yarns – Coolmax® Air and Brrr – makes the fabric suitable for garments to be used in both sports and everyday activities while enjoying superior comfort and cooling effects. Coolmax helps you beat the heat and ensures permanent moisture-wicking performance while Brrr really keeps your clothes cool.

Polyester with Silver Ions

Using this new technology to attach silver ions to the polyester yarn ensures that silver ions attach to the yarn more deeply and stay in the fabric even during multiple washing cycles. This is an exceptional development in the textiles industry since this kind of technology protects our water from silver particles being released into it and still helps maintain the so-needed antibacterial properties of the fabric.