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The best fabrics have been chosen at ISPO Textrends – and we are among them! In this post, we are going to tell you about two more of our fabrics.

Multifilament Polyester (the one that you see in the picture)
Multifilament Polyester yarn ensures more than moisture management properties of the fabric. Do you know that tennis players choose multifilament polyester for their strings? This kind of polyester makes the garment strong and durable while still elastic enough so that a person wearing the garment can feel comfortable and move without restrictions.

Polyester – Seaqual and recycled Polyester Brrr
Combining two superior types of multifilament Polyester – Seaqual and recycled Polyester Brrr incorporating cooling minerals – results in a cooling fabric made entirely from recycled materials. A perfect solution for intensive physical activity providing both function and comfort.