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Recycling problems of textile materials made us re-think what kind of blends we could make to give more benefits for the soil and the consumers. Heading towards a sustainable product led us to develop blends of earth-friendly fibers: cotton and wool with biodegradable polyamide yarn. Both of these two new blends can be used in fashion, sportswear, and hosiery.

Cotton+Biodegradable Polyamide
Besides excellent comfort, soft touch, and easy care that cotton fiber ensures for the product, biodegradable polyamide can be evaluated in terms of innovation and functionality. It allows clothes to quickly decompose. We are able to obtain zero-waste production in this way. Not to mention the strength and durability advantages of biodegradable polyamide yarn which ensures the mechanical properties of knitted fabric

Wool+Biodegradable Polyamide
Polyamide, which usually ensures good mechanical properties of the knitted material, is replaced by new generation biodegradable polyamide. This yarn is able to decompose in landfills together with natural fiber. Moreover, it contributes to the environment and creates an advantageous product for customers of excellent comfort & look, thermal regulation of the body, and easy-care.